Alter (December 5–6)

Starting from the observations made during the first exercise, the students had to choose a digital platform and modify the visual elements of a graphical interface through a Firefox web extension. The goal is to problematize some aspects of the platform (such as gamification and the user attention exploitation) through a process of hiding, exposing or semantically hacking some elements of the interface.

  1. Choose a digital platform
  2. Think about how to alter the UI through the browser inspector or a mockup up
  3. Describe what the extension will do in one sentence
  4. Code the web extension starting from the boilerplate
  5. Publish the extension and make it available through a one page website
  6. Add a video which explains how the extension works

Tools: Github, web-ext, Mozilla Firefox

Giovanni Abbattepaolo, Daniele Colombo, Chiara Fanelli


Michela Colorito, Martina Tresivan, Annalisa Iotti


Dalila De Dominicis, Lorenzo Ecolino, Giulia Silani


Mattia Gabellini, Mara Guerra, Alessandro Lanfrancotti, Francesca Sanson


Margherita Ganzerli, Marco Loi, Siria Renaudo


Ludovica Meneghella, Angela Rossi, Fernanda Villari

Observe (November 21–22 ). Observe, deconstruct and describe extensively what you see while you are performing an action on a digital platform.

Alter (December 5–6). Modify the visual elements of a graphical interface developing a web extension.

Reveal (December 19–20). Extract and visualize the invisible trackers that follow you in one hour of web browsing.

Re-publish (January 30–31). Analyse and re-publish data coming from a digital platform to renew our understanding of a phenomenon.